• FT-3 Digital Keychain Tuner

    Šifra: ACC-TUN-FT3 The Fishman FT-3 digital keychain tuner combines simplicity with convenience. It quickly and accurately determines the note being played and indicates if you’re in tune, sharp or flat. The FT-3 is chromatic, and works with nearly any instrument.The FT-3’s features an easy-to-read LCD display with meter-style pitch indicator and two-color backlight. When your note is sharp or flat, the display turns red; when you’re in tune, it changes to green. The FT-3 weighs only 22 grams, can easily fit in yo...
    1.042,80 RSD
    1.251,36 RSD
  • Neo-Buster Humbucking Soundhole Pickup & Feedback Buster

    Šifra: PRO-NEO-FB2 The Neo-Buster Humbucking from Fishman combines our popular Neo-D Humbucking pickup with a feedback-fighting soundhole cover to give you great sounding acoustic tone, even in your loudest performances. This humbucking magnetic soundhole pickup produces a warm and full sound while also greatly reducing hum and unwanted interference. It also shares the same neodymium magnet structure as the award-winning Rare Earth® pickup for exceptional string balance and incredible acoustic clarity. It’...
    14.640,00 RSD
    17.568,00 RSD

    Šifra: PRO-C10-0CE The C-100 utilizes Fishman’s patented Floating Mount system for easy installation in the wing slot of the bridge. A 1/4” tailpiece mounted jack and 10’ cable complete the package. When paired with an impedance-matching preamp, such as our Platinum Stage, Platinum Pro EQ or Powerjack, the full potential of the C-100 can be realized.
    21.960,00 RSD
    26.352,00 RSD

    Šifra: PRF-MHB-AB1 Original and totally re-imagined, Fishman Fluence pickups are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups — revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone.
    16.680,00 RSD
    20.016,00 RSD

    Šifra: PRO-M40-0MA The M-400 Flat-top Mandolin Pickup features a piezo-ceramic pickup element embedded in a quality rosewood bridge, and includes a Carpenter 1/4″ output jack that mounts on the side of the instrument.
    33.480,00 RSD
    40.176,00 RSD

    Šifra: PRO-DEQ-AFX The ToneDEQ Preamp EQ is a complete performance solution for the acoustic musician. With a high-quality preamp, dual effects section, tone controls, a compressor, level booster and a balanced D.I. — it’s got everything you need in one box.
    42.000,00 RSD
    50.400,00 RSD

    Šifra: PRO-SBT-END The SBT Series pickups reproduce a full, natural, transparent tone, and can be mounted on any type of acoustic stringed instrument equipped with a flat soundboard. Fishman’s SBT (Soundboard Transducer) pickups sense the microvibrations of a soundboard, and are a practical alternative to more expensive bridge mounted units
    14.280,00 RSD
    17.136,00 RSD
  • new products

    Fishman ACC-LBX-FSW Dual Foot Switch for Loudbox Amplifiers

    Šifra: ACC-LBX-FSW This 2 button lighted foot switch works for the Fishman Loudbox Artist and Performer (brown) only. Button 1 mutes both channel outputs, while letting the Aux input continue to function. Button 2 mutes either or both FX B functions, if they have been previously engaged on the amplifier.
    5.160,00 RSD
    6.192,00 RSD
  • Fishman ACC-LBX-SC1 Loudbox 100/Loudbox Artist Cover

    Šifra: ACC-LBX-SC1 Fitted cover for the Fishman Loudbox 100 and Loudbox Artist Amplifiers.   Custom designed for Fishman by Gator Cases®, this slip cover is made from durable 600 denier ballistic nylon. It features an opening for the amp handle so it's easy to carry and a Velcro® strip to keep the dust out when not in use. We've also included a handsome embroidered Fishman logo and piping around the seams for a more solid appearance and added durability.
    5.160,00 RSD
    6.192,00 RSD
    not available
  • Fishman ACC-LBX-SC5 Slip-On Fitted Cover for Mini Loudbox

    Šifra: ACC-LBX-SC5 The Fishman Loudbox Mini Amp Cover is the best way to keep your Loudbox Mini protected during transport and between gigs. The Loudbox Mini cover is made from durable 600 denier ballistic nylon. It features an opening for the amp handle for easy carrying. Also included is a handsome embroidered Fishman logo and piping around the seams for a more elegant appearance and added durability.
    3.480,00 RSD
    4.176,00 RSD
  • new products

    Fishman PRO-REP-103 Rare Earth Blend Guitar Pickup

    Šifra: PRO-REP-103
    45.960,00 RSD
    55.152,00 RSD
  • new products

    Fishman PRF-STR-WH3 Multi-Voice Fluence Single Width Pickups for Strat (Set of 3)Black in White

    Šifra: PRF-STR-WH3 Fishman Fluence. The first true multi-voice pickup. The most coveted, historical Strat tones without the hum. From vintage sweetness and clarity to muscular overwound punch, in the same guitar. Fishman Fluence pickups for electric guitars are the 1st real advancement in pickup system design in over 80 years. A new, analog, system-wide approach delivers great "idealized" guitar sounds that are also quiet and free from hum and other artifacts that affect our favorite pickups from the past. M...
    25.200,00 RSD
    30.240,00 RSD
  • new products

    Fishman PRO-PLT-301 Platinum Stage Analog Universal Instrument Preamp

    Šifra: PRO-PLT-301 Class-A analog circuitry makes it a preamp… great sound makes it a Fishman. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the all-analog Platinum Stage universal instrument preamp delivers incredibly accurate sonic detail for any acoustic instrument. A discrete, high-headroom preamp combines with precision, high-speed circuitry for pure fidelity and low distortion. Classic Fishman tone controls are combined with a switchable guitar/bass EQ mode, making it more musical for use with bass inst...
    20.280,00 RSD
    24.336,00 RSD
  • new products

    Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

    Šifra: Pro-Neo-D01 Sparkling full-range sound. A direct descendant of Fishman's acclaimed Rare Earth pickup, the Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup shares the same neodymium magnets and coil technology. The main difference is that the Pro-Neo-D01 is passive. Encased in an attractive earth-tone injection-molded shell, this Fishman Pickup comes complete and ready-to-use with an integral 10' cable. Installs with cork-lined clamps.   FEATURES Same neodymium magnets and coil technology ...
    6.474,00 RSD
    7.768,80 RSD
  • Fishman TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller

    Šifra: PRO-TRP-3EU
    54.720,00 RSD
    65.664,00 RSD
  • Fishman Neo Buster

    Šifra: PRO-NEO-FB1 Easy to install and perfect for high-volume situations.The Neo-Buster from Fishman combines their popular Neo-D Single Coil pickup with a feedback-fighting soundhole cover to give you great sounding acoustic tone, even in your loudest performances. This single coil magnetic soundhole pickup shares the same neodymium magnet structure as the award winning Rare Earth pickup for exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity. It's low-profile, high-impedance design needs no bat...
    11.880,00 RSD
    14.256,00 RSD
  • Fishman Blackstack Passive Soundhole Pickup

    Šifra: PRO-BLK-STK Be heard in even the loudest rock band with Fishman’s new Blackstack passive soundhole pickup. Now, that vintage sound of a humbucking magnetic pickup is available in a modern, battery-free design. It features adjustable pole-pieces and a premium TA4 mini-XLR connector integrated into the housing allowing easy installation, removal and connection to the included cable or your own custom endpin mounting solution. FEATURES: Humbucking magnetic coil with cutting vintage sound Passive design fo...
    31.200,00 RSD
    37.440,00 RSD
  • Fishman AG-Series Classical /12 String Undersaddle Pick Up, Wide Format

    Šifra: PRO-AGX-312
    13.800,00 RSD
    16.560,00 RSD
  • Fishman Powerbridge VS-50P

    Šifra: PRO-CVS-50P Najbolji akustični pick-up sistem za vašu električnu gitaru! Powerbridge nudi gitaristima paletu neverovatnih akustičnih i hibridnih, elektro/akustičnih, zvukova. Dostupan u verzijama za Stratocaster, Telecaster i Les Paul modele gitara. Profesionalna instalacija je preporucena. Koriste ga Joe Perry i Brad Whitford iz grupe Aerosmith.
    37.363,20 RSD
    44.835,84 RSD
    not available
  • Fishman Upright Bass Pickup

    Šifra: PRO-BP1-00B Profesionalni sistem za ozvuku kontrabasa. Fishman BP-100 se instalira za tren, bez modifikacije instrumenta, i daje kristalno jasan, dubok ton izuzetne artikulisanosti i sustejna. Najvažnije je da BP-100 stavlja akcenat na direktan ton samih žica kontrabasa, što svemu daje prirodnost i dinamiku. Koristi ga čuveni jazz kontrabasista Stanley Clarke.
    23.400,00 RSD
    28.080,00 RSD