• Latin Percussion Cajon Aspire

    Šifra: LP819.022 With 3 sets of DW snare wires, you will get a wide dynamic range while the maple body with Parawood soundboard provides a deep bass tone. This cajon comes with large rubber feet, textured seating surface and rounded corners to add to your playing comfort. Body is Maple, soundboard is Para wood. Face: ParawoodBody: mapleType: Wire (3 x 16)Adjustability: NoDimensions (height / width / depth): 19.5 "/ 11.75" / 12.25 "Finish: Natural
    14.370,00 RSD
    17.244,00 RSD
    not available
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    G13R Red sound plates

    Šifra: 847007 Diatonic glockenspiel Sound range c``-a``` With bag and mallets With 2 wooden blades Special sound alloy G13R Red sound plates
    4.278,00 RSD
    5.133,60 RSD
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    GEWA Traditional tambourine with bells

    Šifra: 841350 Wooden frame Tunable 16 pairs of clamps Plastic fur Weight: 599 g Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5 x 6 cm
    2.718,00 RSD
    3.261,60 RSD
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    Chicken Shaker

    Šifra: 830168 Color Assorted: Blue, Red, Green, Gold Sparkle Effect 5.5 cm long Only sold in pairs
    816,00 RSD
    979,20 RSD
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    Overtone Killer Gel Pads

    Šifra: 805230 Mute pads for drums and cymbals Consisting of: 3 small and 3 large transparent pads, incl. Storage box The colour doesn't run into the heads Due to transparency no optical source of irritation at the set To be cleaned only with water and dried in air The pads adhere like after the first use also when they are cleaned several times
    1.020,00 RSD
    1.224,00 RSD
  • Toca T2502 Tambourine

    Šifra: T0806324 Light weight Durable Aluminium
    2.040,00 RSD
    2.448,00 RSD
    not available
  • Toca T1010-ABC Tambourine

    Šifra: T0806302 Constructed from Acacia hardwood Lightweight feel 8 double row jingles
    2.760,00 RSD
    3.312,00 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: T0806272001
    2.362,80 RSD
    2.835,36 RSD
    not available
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    Toca T-3505 Percussion Blocks

    Šifra: T0806264 Crafted from North American hardwood Wide variety of sizes and pitch options Made in the USA
    1.200,00 RSD
    1.440,00 RSD
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    Toca Wooden Maracas, Pair

    Šifra: T0806256001 Hand made from selected hardwood Well-balanced sound
    2.160,00 RSD
    2.592,00 RSD
  • Toca TCT10-BL ColorSound Tambourine Blue

    Šifra: T0806228 Lightweight exotic Acacia hardwood Nickel plated and Brass plated double row jingles Jingle combination balances sound, projecting dry and lively sounds
    2.520,00 RSD
    3.024,00 RSD
    not available
  • new products

    Toca T1010-A Tambourine

    Šifra: T0806202 Constructed from Acacia hardwood Lightweight feel 8 double row jingles
    2.280,00 RSD
    2.736,00 RSD
  • Toca T1010D Acacia Wood Tambourine

    Šifra: T0806200 Extremely articulate, perfect for the recording artist or gigging musician Made from exotic Acacia hardwood 8 single rows of Nickel/Brass jingles produce a balanced sound Dark wood, matte finish Ergonomically tapered handle
    1.800,00 RSD
    2.160,00 RSD
    not available
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    Toca TFD-5PK Freestyle Frame Drum Set

    Šifra: T0804633 Toca TFD-5PK Freestyle Frame Drum Set, Set consits of 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" diametre, colour: metallic red, lightweight thomann and durable seamless synthetic shell with pre-tuned synthetic head, iincl. bag, ideal for drum circles, teachers and all level of players.
    15.000,00 RSD
    18.000,00 RSD
  • Toca TCCJ Colorsound Cajon Red

    Šifra: T0805112 Economically priced, all wood cajon is the perfect choice for beginners.All wood construction Para wood front plate Two internal snare wires for crisp sound 17" H x 11" W x 11" D
    9.960,00 RSD
    11.952,00 RSD
    not available
  • Toca 2700N Wood Bongos

    Šifra: T0802122 7" x 8 1/2" Heads Four countersunk carriage bolts on each side plate, eight lugs Easy Play Hoop Fully tucked bison heads Natural Finish
    9.960,00 RSD
    11.952,00 RSD
    not available
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    Toca TCAJ-BB Cajon

    Šifra: T0805108 Larger than standard cajons, 12-1/2 Inches W by 20-1/2 Inches H and 13 Inches D Front Plate can be adjusted for sound preference Perfect for World Music, Flamenco and Unplugged gigs
    14.400,00 RSD
    17.280,00 RSD

    Šifra: T0802112 6″ and 7″ head diameters Produces high tonal ranges ABS plastic construction Natural rawhide heads Traditional style hoops Black powder coated hardware Chrome tuning lugs.
    6.240,00 RSD
    7.488,00 RSD
    not available
  • LP LPA646 Aspire Conga Set with Double Stand

    Šifra: LP899000015 The LP LPA646 Aspire Conga Set with Double Stand is a quality, great-sounding conga set at an incredibly affordable price. This premium set has a 10 and an 11 oak conga that are easily supported on the included double stand. Reliable chrome hardware and curved rims allow for easy tuning adjustments. Available in variety of striking designs and colors, the Aspire Conga Set looks as good as it sounds.
    34.200,00 RSD
    41.040,00 RSD
    not available
  • Gewa Mounting tambourine Jingle wreath Half moon Black

    Šifra: 841625 16 pairs of chrome-plated jingles Double rows Half moon shape Synthetic frame with rubber protector Mountable on all 3/8 rods
    4.020,00 RSD
    4.824,00 RSD