Šifra: RO-0244-00 Damping rings for Tom Toms-Eliminates the overtones-Just hang up on the coatFor more than 50 years, Remo Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of drumheads worldwide. Each coat is designed to meet the diverse needs of different styles of music such as jazz, rock, pop, R & B, hip-hop and Latin, as well as the marching, concert and percussion worlds. Remo skins are the standard used in well over 90% of drumsets worldwide.
    1.545,60 RSD
    1.854,72 RSD

    Šifra: 805984 - 20 steel stands - High quality workmanship
    998,40 RSD
    1.198,08 RSD
  • Overtone Killer Gel Pads

    Šifra: 805230 Mute pads for drums and cymbals Consisting of: 3 small and 3 large transparent pads, incl. Storage box The colour doesn't run into the heads Due to transparency no optical source of irritation at the set To be cleaned only with water and dried in air The pads adhere like after the first use also when they are cleaned several times
    1.020,00 RSD
    1.224,00 RSD
    not available
  • Gewa Temple block large

    Šifra: 830232 Sturdy synthetic material Rich sound, low Mountable on all 3/8“ rods
    4.200,00 RSD
    5.040,00 RSD
    not available
  • Gewa Temple block small

    Šifra: 830230 Sturdy synthetic material Rich sound, high Mountable on all 3/8“ rods
    3.720,00 RSD
    4.464,00 RSD
  • Remo PRACTICE PAD 8" DIAMETER RT-0008-00

    Šifra: RT-0008-00 Tunable drumhead style pad with a 6mm screw mount on the bottom to attach to a cymbal stand.Tunable drumhead style pad with a 6mm screw mount on the bottom to attach to a cymbal stand.
    3.446,40 RSD
    4.135,68 RSD
    not available
  • new products

    Vic Firth UPT Universal Practice Tips

    Šifra: VF-UPT The Vic Firth UPT Universal Practice Tips feature a special molded rubber design that both creates a secure grip on the existing tip and allows for easy and repeated application and removal. The hardness of the rubber tip produces an authentic feel and also creates interesting timbres when played on drums and cymbals.*Each package contains 2 pairs of rubber tips, providing the player with a pair and a spare!With the Vic Firth Universal Practice Tips, a player can now convert virtually any drum s...
    884,40 RSD
    1.061,28 RSD
  • new products

    Vic Firth VICGLVL Large VicGloves

    Šifra: VICGLVL Protect your hands while improving your grip without sacrificing feel! Premium cabretta leather with ventilated synthetic mesh palm and back. Unique synthetic rubber grip on thumb and forefinger.
    2.443,20 RSD
    2.931,84 RSD
  • Remo Bass Drum Muffle System 22

    Šifra: HK-MUFF-22
    3.668,40 RSD
    4.402,08 RSD
  • Remo Bass Drum Muffle System 20

    Šifra: HK-MUFF-20
    3.507,60 RSD
    4.209,12 RSD
    not available
  • Drum Workshop SPRING W/FELT INSERT

    Šifra: DWSM020 Standard Spring with felt insert and Triangle Hook.
    1.126,80 RSD
    1.352,16 RSD
  • Drum Workshop

    Šifra: DWSM018-3 Rocker assembly with bearing rocker, key screw.
    1.125,60 RSD
    1.350,72 RSD
    not available
  • PDP

    Šifra: PDAX4885
    166,80 RSD
    200,16 RSD
    not available
  • Drum Workshop

    Šifra: DWSM2007 M8 Wing nut for tilter (4-pack)
    1.464,00 RSD
    1.756,80 RSD
  • Drum Workshop

    Šifra: DRSPCH14CR The strength of a die-cast hoop with less weight. DW TrueHoops are designed to give just the right hoop to a specific size shell, so as not to overbear, or overchoke the resonance, tone and performance of the shell.  TrueHoops by DW Drums for Tom Toms. Comes from 1.6mm chrome to 2.3mm chrome.
    5.030,40 RSD
    6.036,48 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: DA-82 Rubber Practice Pad
    1.383,60 RSD
    1.660,32 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: DHO-DC-1410BCH 14' DIE CASTING HOOP  Heavy-duty 10 holes hoop  Made in Taiwan
    4.935,60 RSD
    5.922,72 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: DA-191WH NYLON WASHERS WHITE Made in Taiwan
    94,80 RSD
    113,76 RSD

    Šifra: DA-38CH WING SCREW x6 Made in Taiwan
    482,40 RSD
    578,88 RSD
    not available
  • WING NUT 6 mm

    Šifra: DA-35 WING NUT 6 mm Made in Taiwan
    164,40 RSD
    197,28 RSD