• Gewa Valve- and slide oil Al Cass Fette und Öle P/U 12

    Šifra: 760600 2 Oz
    1.440,00 RSD
    1.728,00 RSD
    not available
  • Gewa Slide-O-Mix Grease and oil

    Šifra: 760494 Trombone slide lube Two components
    1.740,00 RSD
    2.088,00 RSD
  • Gewa Jo-Ral Mute Cup Bassposaune B7 721958

    Šifra: 721958 Denfer for Bass Trombone.
    26.400,00 RSD
    31.680,00 RSD
  • new products

    Jean Baptiste ST390 Student Tenor Trombone

    Šifra: JBST390XX These tenor trombones feature a yellow brass bell and body that allows for optimal resonance, with a .500-inch small bore ideal for beginning players. They also sport a nickel silver slide that offers effortless action and improved tone, with nickel silver bracings for added strength and durability. These trombones have a superior sound and feel compared to other instruments in their price range. Students will love that it comes with a mouthpiece and a lightweight case with shoulder strap! Thi...
    39.600,00 RSD
    47.520,00 RSD