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    GEWA - 940630 MULTIPHON

    Šifra: 940630 Gewa Pickup Universal Multiphon Model for string instruments Crystal Microphone with suction cup 3 meter cable with jack
    2.520,00 RSD
    3.024,00 RSD
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    Contact Pickup CM-1

    Šifra: 902119 Clip-on contact microphone for connection to all manufacturers' tweeters For the reduction of vibrations of different instruments Clamp opening up to 25 mm, hard rubber pads for tight fit Fixed 1.5 m cable with 6.3 mm monoclite plug Weight only 30 g
    2.448,00 RSD
    2.937,60 RSD
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    Alpha Audio Pop Filter

    Šifra: 170842 35 cm flexible arm The Popfilter screwed on the elastic arm and can be replaced 2 layers of nylon mesh to prevent unwanted acoustic colors Diameter: 15cm / 14cm catchment area Tighten a microphone stand, universally adjustable
    2.916,00 RSD
    3.499,20 RSD