Šifra: ECB035 This is a large double pole double throw (DPDT) effect/bypass switch for MXR and Cry Baby pedals, featuring the Dunlop “D” logo.
    1.257,60 RSD
    1.509,12 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop ECB009G1 18-VOLT AC ADAPTER FOR M237 & M238

    Šifra: ECB009G1 For use with the M237 and M238 only.
    2.526,00 RSD
    3.031,20 RSD

    Šifra: M239 Whether you need a space-saving solution for your downsized travel board or you just need to power a small, carefully curated selection of tried-and-true staples, this little box has what you need—all while taking up less space than a candy bar.
    14.280,00 RSD
    17.136,00 RSD

    Šifra: M238EU This power supply is light and pedalboard-friendly with ten fully isolated outputs ranging from 9V to 18V-including two variable 6V-15V outputs-and special noise-reduction circuitry for quiet operation.
    21.600,00 RSD
    25.920,00 RSD

    Šifra: M228 The Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor delivers the classic sound of the original with a Clean control, Tone control, and an Attack switch tailor it to your specific rig and playing needs.
    18.600,00 RSD
    22.320,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop MXR® SIX BAND EQ

    Šifra: M109S The MXR Six Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies and has been upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, brighter LEDs for increased visibility, and a lightweight aluminum housing.
    13.080,00 RSD
    15.696,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop CRY BABY® MINI 535Q WAH

    Šifra: CBM535Q At half the size of a standard wah, the Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah provides the perfect balance of wah control and pedalboard-efficiency.
    21.000,00 RSD
    25.200,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop CRY BABY® 95Q WAH

    Šifra: 95Q This Cry Baby Wah features a Q control to vary the intensity of the effect, a for up to +15dB added gain, and convenient auto-return switching.
    19.790,40 RSD
    23.748,48 RSD
  • TriplePlay FE-1 Controller

    Šifra: PRO-TRP-FE1 Control the TriplePlay ApplicationUse the FC-1 to control your TriplePlay Windows or Mac application.  Change patches, connect an expression pedal, sustain, loop and hold with the TriplePlay factory and user patches, or reprogram the buttons to send custom MIDI information.Control External Sound Modules or KeyboardsWith the FC-1, you can now use TriplePlay to plug directly into an external MIDI sound module or keyboard, without a computer attached!  Simply remove the USB receiver from ...
    32.340,00 RSD
    38.808,00 RSD

    Šifra: VLVE-00101 The sound of  Marshall EL34B-STR is loud and clear with a very nice sonic range. Not excessive in tops, mids, or bass, they are accurately described as well balanced. No audible microphonics and an average background noise level. Harmonic content was rich, lending that pleasant swirl and sustain that guitar players crave. Graded for anode current, gold Marshall logo
    2.640,00 RSD
    3.168,00 RSD
  • Marshall 6L6WGC/5881 SHUGUANG VALVE

    Šifra: VLVE-00083 Marshall 6L6WGC/5881 tube has colorful lows, loose/easygoing mid body, and a brightly shining chime for the highs. In overdrive, it offers a tight and focused bite with crisp, bright, and well-defined articulation. The entire guts of the tube are suspended by “springs” to reduce vibration and feedbacks. The tone is well balanced with a strong bottom end. The overall volume and clean headroom is very slightly lower than since the tube breaks up just a bit earlier in the volume ran...
    3.360,00 RSD
    4.032,00 RSD
  • Marshall 12AX7B/ECC83 SHUGUANG VALVE

    Šifra: VLVE-00055 These tubes have undergone many design changes over the last few years and the Chinese plant has invested heavily in new tooling and materials.  The 12AX7B is one of the latest generation tubes to come from the Chinese Shuguang factory and we feel is one of the best produced by them.  Despite Chinese tubes having a bad reputation over the years we feel this latest tube is excellent.  We found that the tube was very well balanced right across the frequency spectrum with litt...
    2.040,00 RSD
    2.448,00 RSD
  • Marshall EL34B-TUNG-SOL Valve

    Šifra: VLVE-00104 The Tung-sol EL34-B is a higher impedance EL34 tube design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound. At lower volume settings you hear a very pure balanced tone with a bit of the 6L6 sparkle in the higher frequencies while providing a midrange that is a little less prominent than most EL34 tubes. The EL34 is found in many British guitar amps and is associated with the "British Tone" Marshall, Hiwatt, Orange, etc… As compared to th...
    4.200,00 RSD
    5.040,00 RSD
  • Marshall Code 100W COMBO

    Šifra: CODE100-E The Marshall Code100 packs decades of classic Marshall sounds into a travel-friendly combo amp. Browse over 100 presets for instant inspiration at home or on the road, or mix and match digitally modeled Marshall preamps, power amps, and speaker cab emulations to customize convincing tones for the stage and studio. With 100 watts and two full-voiced 12" speakers, the Marshall Code100 has the juice to let you crank up for any size gig. And for some quick stress relief at the office, a silent headp...
    46.800,00 RSD
    56.160,00 RSD
  • new products

    Marshall Valve ECC83S JJ

    Šifra: vlve-00066 This is a relatively modern design and has been recently upgraded to include a hum bucking heating element.  The idea of using a anti phase spiral heater is to reduce the mains hum cross talking onto the valve plates hence giving a much quieter tube at high gain.  The mid range was amongst the smoothest we have heard to date when played clean.  Driven into crunch the tube breaks up nicely.  The tube did not display quite as much bass as th...
    2.220,00 RSD
    2.664,00 RSD
  • Marshall MX212 2X12 KABINET

    Šifra: MX212A-E The lower cost MX212, 2 x 12” cab can be used with most Marshall heads, or as an extension cab for a 2 x 12” combo, which adds great flexibility to your setup. This mono cab, covered in Marshall Tolex, featuring the iconic Marshall baffle logo is loaded with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers.
    38.389,20 RSD
    46.067,04 RSD

    Šifra: JB95 This Cry Baby Wah is voiced by a vintage-style Halo™ Inductor for added harmonic content and growl, with an internal switch for operation.
    26.400,00 RSD
    31.680,00 RSD
  • Toneworks AX5G Guitar Modeling Signal Processor

    Šifra: AX5G FEATURES Number of Effects: Pre-effect type: 11 (10 pre-effects + a pedal wah) Drive/Amp Model type: 16 Cabinet Model type: 10 Modulation effect type: 10 Delay effect type: 5 Reverb effect type: 5 Noise Reduction Number of Programs: 80 (40 users / 40 presets) Connections: Input: 1/4" phone jack Output: 1/4" stereo phone jack Signal Processing: 24-bit A/D, D/A conversion, 31.25 kHz sampling frequency Tuner Functions: Detection Range: C1  E6, Calibration: A4 = 438  ...
    5.040,00 RSD
    6.048,00 RSD
    not available
  • Toneworks AX3B Bass Modeling Signal Processor

    Šifra: AX3B FEATURES 57 types of REMS modeling effect variations. Up to 6 simultaneous effects possible, including noise reduction 16 drive/amp types recreate the sound of a variety of top amps, with a choice of ten different cabinet types Numerous effects at a level of quality that rivals dedicated units Full editing of all parameters for 4 effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb) 40 user programs for creating and saving your own sounds 40 preset programs Auto Chromatic Tu...
    3.600,00 RSD
    4.320,00 RSD
    not available
  • new products

    Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Signal Processor

    Šifra: AX5B Affordable and amazingly powerful. The Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Processor is loaded with 58 modeling effects powered by Korg's proprietary REMS modeling technology, including a wide range of amps, cabinets, modulation, and delay/reverb effects. Not only does the AX5B pack a wide variety of essential effects into a compact processor, these are the same quality effects as those found in Korg's top-of-the-line AX3000B. The AX5B features a built-in expression pedal that can be used to control vo...
    6.240,00 RSD
    7.488,00 RSD