Šifra: ECB035 This is a large double pole double throw (DPDT) effect/bypass switch for MXR and Cry Baby pedals, featuring the Dunlop “D” logo.
    1.257,60 RSD
    1.509,12 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop ECB009G1 18-VOLT AC ADAPTER FOR M237 & M238

    Šifra: ECB009G1 For use with the M237 and M238 only.
    2.526,00 RSD
    3.031,20 RSD

    Šifra: M239 Whether you need a space-saving solution for your downsized travel board or you just need to power a small, carefully curated selection of tried-and-true staples, this little box has what you need—all while taking up less space than a candy bar.
    14.280,00 RSD
    17.136,00 RSD

    Šifra: M238EU This power supply is light and pedalboard-friendly with ten fully isolated outputs ranging from 9V to 18V-including two variable 6V-15V outputs-and special noise-reduction circuitry for quiet operation.
    21.600,00 RSD
    25.920,00 RSD

    Šifra: M228 The Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor delivers the classic sound of the original with a Clean control, Tone control, and an Attack switch tailor it to your specific rig and playing needs.
    18.600,00 RSD
    22.320,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop MXR® SIX BAND EQ

    Šifra: M109S The MXR Six Band EQ covers all the essential guitar frequencies and has been upgraded with noise-reduction circuitry, true bypass switching, brighter LEDs for increased visibility, and a lightweight aluminum housing.
    13.080,00 RSD
    15.696,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop CRY BABY® MINI 535Q WAH

    Šifra: CBM535Q At half the size of a standard wah, the Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah provides the perfect balance of wah control and pedalboard-efficiency.
    21.000,00 RSD
    25.200,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop CRY BABY® 95Q WAH

    Šifra: 95Q This Cry Baby Wah features a Q control to vary the intensity of the effect, a for up to +15dB added gain, and convenient auto-return switching.
    19.790,40 RSD
    23.748,48 RSD

    Šifra: JB95 This Cry Baby Wah is voiced by a vintage-style Halo™ Inductor for added harmonic content and growl, with an internal switch for operation.
    26.400,00 RSD
    31.680,00 RSD
  • new products


    Šifra: M250 The MXR Double-Double Overdrive serves up two classic overdrives in a single housing. Changing between the two is as simple as a flick of the Lo/Hi switch.  The MXR Double-Double Overdrive comes in a road-ready housing with true bypass switching.
    18.600,00 RSD
    22.320,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop GREEN RHINO MK4

    Šifra: WHE207 The Green Rhino™ Overdrive Mark IV is smaller and more compact than its ancestors, but it has more force than ever behind its mighty charge. In addition to the Volume, Tone, and Drive controls of the original. Want to take this pedal back to its ancestral roots? Just throw the Classic switch to get the simple Volume, Tone, Drive setup and sound of the original Green Rhino Overdrive.  It can take a clean amp from pristine purity to a punchy, dynamic rhythm tone, but put it in front of...
    18.600,00 RSD
    22.320,00 RSD
    not available
  • Jim Dunlop DC BRICK

    Šifra: m237eu •             Handles twice the power of the original DC Brick •             Eight 9v outputs and two 18v outputs •             Each 9v output has a red LED that illuminates in case of a short
    11.880,00 RSD
    14.256,00 RSD
  • new products

    Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini

    Šifra: CBM95 Half the size of a standard Cry Baby pedal Three internally adjustable voicings Full sweep range True bypass switching
    14.400,00 RSD
    17.280,00 RSD
  • new products

    Jim Dunlop 5150 Overdrive

    Šifra: EVH5150 Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen Features multi-stage MOSFETs, 3-band EQ, Boost switch, and Gate Extremely versatile
    28.788,00 RSD
    34.545,60 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop Sub machine Oct Fuzz

    Šifra: M225 The MXR Sub Machine Fuzz kicks open the door to epic and unbridled sonic exploration. This mean little box combines the shaggy vintage tones of the La Machine Fuzz with a growling sub octave circuit, giving you a one way ticket to the sonic frontiers of heavy.  The Sub Machine Fuzz features the La Machine Fuzz’s circuitry and all of its functions, from its Volume, Tone, and Fuzz controls to its electrifying octave up mode. The MXR Custom Shop team upped the ante by adding an ol...
    20.168,40 RSD
    24.202,08 RSD
    not available
  • Jim Dunlop

    Šifra: WHE202 The legendary Way Huge Green Rhino has returned! The Mk II has all the gorgeous classic overdrive that you crave but it has evolved to include cool new features that make it even more rhinoceriffic. In addition to the Volume, Tone, and Drive controls, you get a 100Hz EQ knob to cut or boost your low end by 12dB. Your low notes can either shake the ground like a stampede across the savannah or cut through the mix like a charging rhino’s horn. This pachyderm of a pedal also sports a Curve control ...
    15.372,00 RSD
    18.446,40 RSD
    not available
  • Jim Dunlop Slash Cry Baby® Classic Wah Wah SC95

    Šifra: SC95 Throughout his career, Slash has used the Cry Baby to create his trademark epic solos that he weaves into his groundbreaking gritty, blues-influenced rock. We worked closely with him to design the Slash Cry Baby Classic, custom-voiced for the raw, expressive sound that influenced a generation of guitar players. Tuned to a lower frequency and featuring a custom-wound resonance inductor, this wah- wah has a huge dynamic range and a wide sweep. Two side-mounted blue LEDs indicate ON/O...
    19.200,00 RSD
    23.040,00 RSD
    not available
  • new products

    Jim Dunlop MXR FET Driver M264

    Šifra: M264 Creamy, overdriven tube sound Subtle soft-clipping to early stage distortion True bypass
    20.160,00 RSD
    24.192,00 RSD
  • Jim Dunlop Echoplex® Preamp EP101

    Šifra: EP101 Faithful reproduction of the legendary Echoplex® EP-3 front end Gain boost up to +11dB True Bypass
    16.200,00 RSD
    19.440,00 RSD
    not available
  • Jim Dunlop Clyde McCoy® Cry Baby® Wah Wah CM95

    Šifra: CM95 The Clyde McCoy® by Cry Baby® Wah Wah is a tribute to the first production wah wah ever made. This modernized classic captures the throaty voice and expressive sweep of the original while offering gigging players the consistency and convenience they need on the road. As heirs to the wah wah lineage and guardians of its legacy, Dunlop drew from decades of wah wah design and building experience to ensure that the CM95 faithfully represents the tone and spirit of the very first wah ...
    28.200,00 RSD
    33.840,00 RSD
    not available