• Music Man 115 B 250 Combo

    Šifra: EBC105023Z After more than 3 decades Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to announce the reintroduction of the HD and RD series amplifiers. The new Music Man amps are faithful recreations of the most popular and coveted models from the golden era of amplifier design. This line is handcrafted in Italy from one of the worlds leading designers Marco De Virgiliis of DV Mark and Mark Bass fame. Models include the HD-130 head, the 412 GS cabinet, the RD-50 1x12 combo, and the 2x12 HD-130 combo. For th...
    83.160,00 RSD
    99.792,00 RSD
  • Music Man BH 500 Head

    Šifra: EBH110044Z Solid State preamp / analog power amp - 500W@4ohm / 300W@8ohm. Gain/Volume/Treble/Bass controls, 5 Band Equalizer (footswitchable), XLR Line Out with Pre/Post EQ and GND Lift switches, FX Send/Return - Tuner Out
    83.160,00 RSD
    99.792,00 RSD
  • Music Man 112 RD 50 Combo

    Šifra: MMC132021Z Two solid-state channels, each with independent volume, treble and bass controls,  plus a single ECC83 tube and gain controls on Ch2, spring reverb, 2 6L6 / 50W tube power, 1x12” DV Mark Neoclassic speaker
    120.240,00 RSD
    144.288,00 RSD
  • Music Man 212 HD 130 Combo

    Šifra: MMC132020Z Two solid-state channels with independent volume, treble, middle and bass controls, reverb and tremolo on channel 2, shared Master,  4 EL34 / 130W tube power, 2x12” DV Mark Neoclassic speakers
    163.920,00 RSD
    196.704,00 RSD