• VOX AC50CPH Classic Plus 50W Amp Head

    Šifra: AC50 CPH Both classic Vox and modern. The Vox AC50 Classic Plus 50W head is an EL34-powered line up that marries the classic VOX tone and chime of rock and roll legend with a versatile high-gain channel that does it all -- from the '50s to tomorrow. Sound big? You bet. What do 50 years of classic VOX sonic history sound like? Play one. FEATURES 50W power 2 channels (classic Vox and modern high gain) Footswitch included SPECIFICATIONS Power Output: 50 Watts RMS into selectable 8 or 16 ohm loudspeak...
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  • Marshall 1987X 50W Head

    Šifra: 1987X-01-E Marshall Vintage Reissues Sound Exactly Like the Original! A faithful reproduction of the original, the Marshall 1987X is just what you're looking for! Though the 50-watt Marshall 1987X shares the same front and rear panel features as its big brother, the 1959 SLP, it does have its own distinct personality. Sweet warm singing sounds are packed into every nook and cranny of this great tone machine. Marshall 1987X Features: Part of the Marshall Vintage Series Mix two ch...
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  • Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Tube Guitar Amp Head

    Šifra: JVM410HJS-E Satriani and Marshall tweaked a classic to create a new generation of tone.The Marshall JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition head is an addition to the Marshall Signature Series. Marshall’s R&D engineers worked vefry closely with Satriani to craft the JVM410HJS. After much experimentation and an assortment of trials that involved Satriani using prototypes during recording and touring, they signed off on the final version and the JVM410HJS went into production. The most notable difference from the o...
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  • Marshall 100W Valve Amplifier

    Šifra: 4100-E The Marshall JCM900 4100 Guitar Tube Amplifier Head is an all-valve 100 Watt Marshall Head, known for its great tone and reliability. The Marshall JCM 900 4100 Amplifier Head also features two channels, A and B. Channel A has been voiced for a sparkling clean on lower gain settings, building up to a raunchy crunch when driven hard. Channel B takes off from where Channel A finishes with acute use of the gain and EQ controls. This achieves a perfect sound for any lead tone from silky smooth to sea...
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  • Marshall 100W Valve Dual Super Lead

    Šifra: DSL100H-E Nova Marshall DSL100H 100-vatna glava je napravljena na platformi uspeha popularne DSL serije, sada sa još više funkcija. Ovo sjajno pojačalo je da opremljeno sa 4 EL34 lampe za klasični marshall ton koji svi znamo i volimo. Ima dva kanala koje je moguće kontrolisati preko footswitch-a. Classic Gain je clean opcija a Ultra Gain lead opciju. Oba kanala dele isti četvoropojasni EQ sa standardnim treble, middle, bass i presence kontrolama. Takodje za dalje oblikovbanje tona tu je mid shift dugme ka...
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  • Marshal JMD100H 100W Head

    Šifra: JMD100-H What do you get when you cross decades of tone expertise with 21st-century tech? You get Marshall's fantastic JMD: 1 Series, that's what! These amps are 100% Marshall, indeed, packed with sheer EL34 tube power. But the secret behind the series is in the collaboration between Marshall and Swedish software gurus Softube. The two companies dreamed up state-of-the-art digital preamp technology, so you can plug into more tonal possibilities than ever before. In fact, with every Marshall JMD: 1 Series...
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  • Marshall JVM410 100W Head 4 Channel

    Šifra: JVM410H-E In a nutshell, the Marshall all-valve, 4-channel JVM410H 100-Watt tube head is the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made. It also boasts more gain than any other Marshall to date--and that's really saying something! Each of its 4 channels—Clean, Crunch, OD1 & OD2—are not only completely independent of each other, they all boast 3 Modes, all 12 of which are footswitchable and feature their own unique gain structure. It makes the JVM 4-channel effectively 12 Marshalls in one! The JVM410H...
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    not available
  • Marshall MG100HCFX 100w Head

    Šifra: MG100HCFX-E The Marshall MG100HCFX provides pure analog Marshall tone. With a totally new internal design and approach, the brand new MG Series delivers essential digital features, but with vast superior and programmable analogue tone at its heart. Innovation, Functionality, Tone - just a few words that help sum up the brand new range of solid-state MG amplifiers from Marshall. Combining years of experience in analogue amplification with cutting-edge digital technology has resulted in the creation of an all...
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  • Marshall JVM205H 50W

    Šifra: JVM205H-E In a nutshell, the Marshall all-valve, 2-channel JVM205H 50W tube head is a 2-channel, 50W version of the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made, the JVM410H. Both channels are completely independent of each other and they boast 3 Modes, all 6 of which are footswitchable and feature their own unique gain structure. It effectively makes the JVM205H 6 Marshalls in one! The JVM205H has studio-quality digital reverb with a level control for each channel. This is also footswitchable, as are the ...
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  • Marshall 100W Master Volume Head

    Šifra: 2203-01-E The all-valve JCM800 2203 is one of the most highly respected 100W Marshall heads in the company's long history. Evolving from the legendary Plexi head, it was one of the first Marshall amps to feature a master volume control. The essence of simplicity, the JCM800 is a one-channel, all-valve amp with no reverb or effects. Its easy control panel, distinctive roar, and larger-than-life edge immediately set the standard by which all other rock amps were judged and it remained the industry benchmark...
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