• Marshall MX212 2X12 KABINET

    Šifra: MX212A-E The lower cost MX212, 2 x 12” cab can be used with most Marshall heads, or as an extension cab for a 2 x 12” combo, which adds great flexibility to your setup. This mono cab, covered in Marshall Tolex, featuring the iconic Marshall baffle logo is loaded with Celestion Seventy 80 speakers.
    38.389,20 RSD
    46.067,04 RSD
  • VOX V212C 50-watt 2x12" Open-back Cabinet

    Šifra: V212C Pairs Perfectly with Your AC30CH or AC15CH Heads Here's the perfect companion to your Vox AC30CH or AC15CH guitar amplifier heads. The Vox V212C is a 2 x 12" extension cabinet that's loaded with a pair of vintage-sounding Celestion G12M Greenback speakers. These speakers deliver the clarity the amps are known for with a warmth that is never shrill. And the V212C's open-back construction spreads your sound out for the unmistakable Vox midrange. If you're looking for a way to capture the classic ...
    54.735,60 RSD
    65.682,72 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall MX112 1X12 Cabinet

    Šifra: MX112-E This single 12” mono speaker cabinet delivers quality beyond its size. It’s idea for use with the DSL15H head, or as and extension cab for the DSL15C combo, but can be paired with any compatible Marshall amp. The excellent value for money MX112 is loaded with a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker.
    25.291,20 RSD
    30.349,44 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 412A 300W 4x12"

    Šifra: M412A-E The M412 Speaker Cabinet has been designed to deliver power and performance at an affordable level. The M412 offers a full sized 4x12" speaker cabinet in both angle and base formats allowing the guitarist to create either stack or half configurations. The speaker used in the M412 cabinets have been specifically designed in conjunction with Marshall Amplification to provide both the warmth and definition that is associated with the Marshall Valve tone. Specifically chosen for their sound qualliti...
    40.680,00 RSD
    48.816,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 300W 4x12 Switchable

    Šifra: 1960A-E
    81.480,00 RSD
    97.776,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 4x12 100W Classic

    Šifra: 1960AX-E The Marshall 1960X consists of 4 separate birch ply enclosures, each loaded with a Celestion G12M Greenback 12" speaker and has a 100W power handling rating. Tonally this speaker cabinet falls between the 1960A's brightness and the 1960TV's warmth. Greenback G12M speakers have a very distinctive sound with a fast, snappy response that adds detail and dynamics to both clean and distorted playing. The 1960X Extension Cabinet uses the early '70s LC checkered grille cloth and a less-textured vinyl c...
    82.440,00 RSD
    98.928,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 300w 4x12 Switchable

    Šifra: 1960B-E
    81.723,60 RSD
    98.068,32 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall JVMC212 140W 2x12

    Šifra: JVMC212-E The Marshall JVMC212 is a guitar speaker cabinet designed using only the finest materials and constructed with tried and tested techniques. The JVMC212 extension cabinet can output 150W of power through its Marshall/Celestion Vintage and Heritage speakers. The Marshall JVMC212 cab offers you the optimum solution in 2x12 UK-built speaker cabinet quality. The JVMC212 cab is constructed from the finest Baltic birch plywood in the Marshall UK factory and hand covered in traditional and hard wearing...
    54.960,00 RSD
    65.952,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall MG412ACF 120W 4x12 Angled Cabinet

    Šifra: MG412ACF-E The Marshall MG412ACF Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet is the perfect match for any Marshall MG Series head and will deliver superb tone and response. The standard '1960' size 4x12 delivers tone and projection unlike any other in its class. This cabinet features rugged plywood construction and is built to hit the road. Although reminiscent of the classic Marshall amps of the 1960’s, this cabinet delivers up to the minute metal tone. Four 12” Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeakers pump out pure hard rock...
    37.800,00 RSD
    45.360,00 RSD
  • Marshall MG412B 120-watt 4x12" "Carbon Fiber" Straight Cabinet

    Šifra: MG412BCF-E Marshall MG412B Straight Extension Cabinet at a Glance: ·         Marshall quality Sound of Celestion All-around cabinet Marshall Quality Most guitarists just need to see the Marshall name on the cabinet to know they're working with a quality piece of gear. The Marshall MG412B extension cabinet is built with the same attention to detail that earned Marshall the reputation as one of the finest amp makers in the business. From the roadworthy ...
    41.160,00 RSD
    49.392,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 1912 150W 1x12"

    Šifra: 1912-E Marshall 1912 1x12 guitar extension speaker cabinet is a full sounding yet extremely compact 150 Watt cab featuring a single 12" Celestion speaker. Marshall 1912 can be used in pairs for a portable stereo rack set-up or single as a 1x12" combo extension. Naturally, 1912 boasts the Marshall unparalled sound and construction techniques. Speaker Type: G12B-150 Speaker Configuration: 1 x 12" Power (RMS): 150 Watt Selectable (Mono/Stereo): No Impedance (Mono): 8 Ohm Impe...
    46.560,00 RSD
    55.872,00 RSD
  • Marshall 2061CX-1 60W 2x12"

    Šifra: 2061CX-1 The Marshall 2061CX is a hand-soldered, 60W, 2x12" angled speaker cabinet that matches the 2061X. Loaded with reissue 30W Celestion G12H speakers. Hand soldered 60W 2x12" reissue 30W Celestion G12H speakers
    65.880,00 RSD
    79.056,00 RSD
    not available
  • Marshall 150W 2x12 Mono / 2x75W

    Šifra: 1936-E The Marshall 1936 2x12 Cabinet has 2 - 12" Celestion G12T75 speakers to handle 150W. Size matches full-size Marshall heads. Offers mono or stereo option (eight ohms mono; sixteen ohms stereo). Marshall constructs the 1936 Speaker Cabinet with locking joints; smooth ABS plastic corners; and heavy-duty, ergonomically recessed grab handles. Two 12" Celestion G12T75 speakers 150W handling Mono or stereo option Size matches full-size heads
    56.400,00 RSD
    67.680,00 RSD