Šifra: VLVE-00101 The sound of  Marshall EL34B-STR is loud and clear with a very nice sonic range. Not excessive in tops, mids, or bass, they are accurately described as well balanced. No audible microphonics and an average background noise level. Harmonic content was rich, lending that pleasant swirl and sustain that guitar players crave. Graded for anode current, gold Marshall logo
    2.640,00 RSD
    3.168,00 RSD
  • Marshall 6L6WGC/5881 SHUGUANG VALVE

    Šifra: VLVE-00083 Marshall 6L6WGC/5881 tube has colorful lows, loose/easygoing mid body, and a brightly shining chime for the highs. In overdrive, it offers a tight and focused bite with crisp, bright, and well-defined articulation. The entire guts of the tube are suspended by “springs” to reduce vibration and feedbacks. The tone is well balanced with a strong bottom end. The overall volume and clean headroom is very slightly lower than since the tube breaks up just a bit earlier in the volume ran...
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  • Marshall 12AX7B/ECC83 SHUGUANG VALVE

    Šifra: VLVE-00055 These tubes have undergone many design changes over the last few years and the Chinese plant has invested heavily in new tooling and materials.  The 12AX7B is one of the latest generation tubes to come from the Chinese Shuguang factory and we feel is one of the best produced by them.  Despite Chinese tubes having a bad reputation over the years we feel this latest tube is excellent.  We found that the tube was very well balanced right across the frequency spectrum with litt...
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    2.448,00 RSD
  • Marshall EL34B-TUNG-SOL Valve

    Šifra: VLVE-00104 The Tung-sol EL34-B is a higher impedance EL34 tube design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound. At lower volume settings you hear a very pure balanced tone with a bit of the 6L6 sparkle in the higher frequencies while providing a midrange that is a little less prominent than most EL34 tubes. The EL34 is found in many British guitar amps and is associated with the "British Tone" Marshall, Hiwatt, Orange, etc… As compared to th...
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  • new products

    Marshall Valve ECC83S JJ

    Šifra: vlve-00066 This is a relatively modern design and has been recently upgraded to include a hum bucking heating element.  The idea of using a anti phase spiral heater is to reduce the mains hum cross talking onto the valve plates hence giving a much quieter tube at high gain.  The mid range was amongst the smoothest we have heard to date when played clean.  Driven into crunch the tube breaks up nicely.  The tube did not display quite as much bass as th...
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    2.664,00 RSD