Šifra: F900702 Foldable. Comes with a bag.
    1.263,60 RSD
    1.516,32 RSD
    not available
  • Violin Hardwood Home & Studio Hanger

    Šifra: CC01-V Hardwood Home & Studio hanger for Violins
    1.860,00 RSD
    2.232,00 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: MS-3 Music Note Orchestral Stand made from good quality materials Made in Taiwan
    4.581,60 RSD
    5.497,92 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: MS-14CH Music Note Stand made from good quality materials Made in Taiwan
    1.556,40 RSD
    1.867,68 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: JSPA-ST33-MUS Stalak za note
    3.363,60 RSD
    4.036,32 RSD
    not available
  • Jean Baptiste Concert Music Stand

    Šifra: JBCONMSTD Used by the theaters on Broadway, this is the perfect music stand for school or the concert stage alike. Designed for the musician or conductor, the 20" wide desk and 12 3/4 height with a shelf width of 2 1/4 " will allow you to organize a full concert worth of sheet music.No knob hydraulic adjustment makes it easy to alter the height of the stand while either sitting or standing. Fully adjustable from 29" to 51" and the 90 degree tilting range of the music desk allows you use at any angle. Ligh...
    5.040,00 RSD
    6.048,00 RSD
  • Jean Baptiste Octagonal Music Stand Light

    Šifra: JBMSLBULB The Octagonal Music Stand Light from Jean Baptiste offers a number of features great for performance and practice. Its matte finish and octagonal design help reduce glare. This sturdy and lightweight aluminum constructed light clips securely to any music stand back. It has a convenient rotary on/off switch and includes an 110V bulb.
    2.880,00 RSD
    3.456,00 RSD
  • Basix orchestra note stand

    Šifra: 900750 Metal construction Collapsible Plate perforated, detachable, prism connection Very stable Height 68 - 118 cm Desk plate 48,5x34 cm Weight 3.8 kg
    3.960,00 RSD
    4.752,00 RSD
  • Basix light note stand

    Šifra: 900681 Collapsible, height-adjustable music stand Colour: Black Length (when folded): 49 cm Powder-coated Tube clamping (by a clamp screw) Adjustable height: 63 - 125 cm Support for sheet music: 46 x 23 cm Material: metal Weight: approx. 1,4 kg
    1.740,00 RSD
    2.088,00 RSD
  • AXL music stand

    Šifra: JSPA-ST30-MUS-BK 3-Section Sheet muzički stalci • Standardni čelik (gumena podloga) • 65-130cm • crni, plavi žuti, ljubičasti roze
    1.980,00 RSD
    2.376,00 RSD
    not available