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    Šifra: SAROD208AE Designed to produce the key elements of power, portability and exceptional sound, Samson's Auro D208 2-Way Active Loudpeaker is a compact enclosure that combines superior components and meticulous engineering. Ideal for installation purposes, gigging musicians and general live sound reinforcement applications, Auro D208 provides a versatile speaker solution that integrates easily into PA setups. Auro D208 features a conveniently lightweight Class D design, producing 200 watts of onb...
    25.800,00 RSD
    30.960,00 RSD
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    Expedition XP40i

    Šifra: SAXP40IE Samson makes public address simple with an all-in-one portable sound system that offers everything you need to deliver a professional and memorable presentation: The Expedition XP40i. To ensure pristine, full-range sound, the XP40i employs a 6" woofer and a 1" high frequency driver. The unit features a 40 watt Class D amplifier that is perfectly matched to the driver for high efficiency and low current draw. An internal iPod dock with level control also gives you the option of inc...
    36.000,00 RSD
    43.200,00 RSD
  • Expedition XP308i

    Šifra: SAXP308I The Expedition XP308i gives you the power to perform wherever you need it. With powerful, full-range sound in an all-inclusive portable package, the Expedition XP308i is an ideal single system solution for a variety of live sound applications. A compact PA system with dual 2-way speakers, on-board mixer and 300-watt power amplifier, the XP308i is the ultimate in portability thanks to a clever, lightweight design that allows you to connect all the pieces together into a single, e...
    71.880,00 RSD
    86.256,00 RSD
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