• Samson S-Direct Active DI Box

    Šifra: SASDIR As a regular feature of a club sound system or as a durable road piece the S-Direct is the only direct box you'll ever need. Perfect for stage and studio Switchable input level handles instrument and speaker levels 48 Volt phantom power or 9 volt operation with auto battery shut off Switchable ground lift 1/4" link output
    5.520,00 RSD
    6.624,00 RSD
    not available

    Šifra: SASDIRPLUS The S-direct plus gives you all the same features of the original S-direct, but in stereo. It's like having two direct boxes in one, perfect for keyboard players, or any instrument with multiple outputs. Unlike passive direct boxes, the S-direct plus is active (has a power supply), so you can rely on an even frequency response on any audio signal you connect to, regardless of its output impedance. Also, the S-direct plus' balanced outputs provide a clean signal at a low level so lo...
    7.800,00 RSD
    9.360,00 RSD
    not available