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Jean Baptiste Saxophone Care Kit


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Cena: 2.040,00 RSD
2.448,00 RSD
Vaša ušteda: 408,00 RSD

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Proper maintenance is just as important as regular practice if you want your instrument to reflect all the work you're putting into it. The Jean Baptiste care kit provides you with everything you need for day to day cleanings and regular at home tune ups. The included drop swab as well as microfiber cloth and flexible neck cleaner are ideal for a quick cleaning after each practice, while the mouthpiece and dust brush and pad paper can be used when your sax needs that little extra intensive cleaning. And of course, handy lip stick style cork grease for quick application before each assembly.To keep it all together and ready whenever you need it, the included carry bag allows it to easily be stored in your instrument. And dont forget to put the name tag on your case to avoid any confusion in the crowded band room!


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