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Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Signal Procesor


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Affordable and amazingly powerful.

The Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Processor is loaded with 58 modeling effects powered by Korg's proprietary REMS modeling technology, including a wide range of amps, cabinets, modulation, and delay/reverb effects. Not only does the AX5B pack a wide variety of essential effects into a compact processor, these are the same quality effects as those found in Korg's top-of-the-line AX3000B. The AX5B features a built-in expression pedal that can be used to control volume, wah, and many other effect parameters, giving you a virtually limitless range of realtime control and playing dynamics. With easy operation that will have even a beginner playing great sounds right away, a compact size that slips easily into the pocket of your gig bag, and the flexibility of battery-powered operation, this unit makes it easy for you to enjoy top-level bass sound in any situation.


  • 58 types of REMS modeling effect variations, with up to six simultaneous effects (including noise reduction) plus a volume pedal.
  • 16 drive/amp types and 10 cabinet types that simulate the sound of some of the most sought-after amps.
  • A wide range of effects with quality that rivals dedicated units.
  • Full parameter editing of all effects in four effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb).
  • An expression pedal that you can use to control volume, wah, or nearly any effect parameter, giving you a virtually limitless range of expressive potential.
  • 80 programs at your beck and call, with 40 presets and 40 user sound programs that can contain your favorite effect settings.
  • Built-in auto chromatic tuner.
  • 2-way power ” use batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately).


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