• Toneworks AX5G Guitar Modeling Signal Procesor

    Šifra: AX5G FEATURES Number of Effects: Pre-effect type: 11 (10 pre-effects + a pedal wah) Drive/Amp Model type: 16 Cabinet Model type: 10 Modulation effect type: 10 Delay effect type: 5 Reverb effect type: 5 Noise Reduction Number of Programs: 80 (40 users / 40 presets) Connections: Input: 1/4" phone jack Output: 1/4" stereo phone jack Signal Processing: 24-bit A/D, D/A conversion, 31.25 kHz sampling frequency Tuner Functions: Detection Range: C1 E6, Calibration: A4 = 438 445 Hz...
    5.040,00 RSD
    6.048,00 RSD
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  • Toneworks AX3B Bass Modeling Signal Procesor

    Šifra: AX3B FEATURES 57 types of REMS modeling effect variations. Up to 6 simultaneous effects possible, including noise reduction 16 drive/amp types recreate the sound of a variety of top amps, with a choice of ten different cabinet types Numerous effects at a level of quality that rivals dedicated units Full editing of all parameters for 4 effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb) 40 user programs for creating and saving your own sounds 40 preset programs Auto Chromatic T...
    3.600,00 RSD
    4.320,00 RSD
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  • Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Signal Procesor

    Šifra: AX5B Affordable and amazingly powerful. The Toneworks AX5B Bass Modeling Processor is loaded with 58 modeling effects powered by Korg's proprietary REMS modeling technology, including a wide range of amps, cabinets, modulation, and delay/reverb effects. Not only does the AX5B pack a wide variety of essential effects into a compact processor, these are the same quality effects as those found in Korg's top-of-the-line AX3000B. The AX5B features a built-in expression pedal that can be used to control ...
    6.240,00 RSD
    7.488,00 RSD
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  • Korg NT4/KA189 Adapter

    Šifra: KA-189 Power Supply Suitable for all Korg ToneWorks and tuner models Power: 9 volts Power: 1100 mA Suitable for e.g.: PX3 (B) AX1 AX1500G AX10 AX3000 AX10 D4 K Series keyboards Micro korg EM-1 Further information: DC/AC current DC 9 V No 12 V No 18 V No Secondary voltage No Multi-output power supply No
    2.460,00 RSD
    2.952,00 RSD
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