VOX Lil Looper Multi-effekt Pedala
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VOX Lil Looper Multi-effekt Pedala


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Flexible Effects and Looping for Guitar and More!

Get more versatility and sacrifice less pedalboard space with Vox's Lil' Looper multi-effects and looping pedal. Equally well suited for both guitar and vocals, you'll find endless clever ways to enhance the way you practice, perform, and even write new songs when you pick up a Vox Lil' Looper. On the looper side, this compact pedal gives you the power of two loopers in one, offering up a pair of independent yet beat-syncable loops you control with two separate footswitches. Add to that sound-on-sound recording and a dozen excellent effects, and you can start to see the creative potential of this cool little pedal.

Vox Lil' Looper Compact Looper Pedal for Guitar and Vocals at a Glance:

  • Two independent loops let you create complex performances
  • Packed full of fun and useful effects for guitar and vocals
  • Pedalboard-friendly layout fits neatly into your guitar rig
Two independent loops let you create complex performances

Even many more expensive and comprehensive looper pedals won't offer you a pair of independent loops, and few of the ones that do come close to being as easy to use as the Vox Lil' Looper. With large, easy-to-reach pedals and totally simple controls, you'll be juggling riffs and laying down 2-part grooves in no time - even if you've never touched a looper pedal before! And best of all, the Lil' Looper even provides you with a handy quantize function, which makes locking your loops to the same beat a walk in the park. What's more, the Lil' Looper offers you infinite sound-on-sound recording, which you'll love both onstage and when you're trying to come up with new song ideas.

Packed full of fun and useful effects for guitar and vocals

What's better than a flexible yet compact looper pedal? How about a whole suite of excellent-sounding effects for both guitar and vocals? Vox certainly thinks so. That's why they packed a dozen excellent effects and processors into the Lil' Looper. For your guitar, you'll find classic effects including overdrive, octave bass, and even acoustic guitar emulation. A mic input jack also lets you use your Lil' Looper with vocals and all kinds of other sound sources, where effects such as radio low-fi mode, delay, and chorus come in handy. Your imagination is really the only limit, when you make music with a Vox Lil' Looper multi-effects pedal.

Pedalboard-friendly layout fits neatly into your guitar rig

Here's one final, easy-to-overlook thing that makes the Vox Lil' Looper so cool: its size. You may not think about it now, but when you're carting around all of the effects and pedals you like to play with, you can't help but appreciate the Lil' Looper's portability. First off, it fits splendidly on just about any pedalboard, taking up as much space as a standard double-wide pedal. You can also run the Lil' Looper for hours and hours on batteries, so if you haven't made the switch to a power distribution system yet, you won't be tied down to a wall plug.

Vox Lil' Looper Compact Looper Pedal for Guitar and Vocals Features:
  • Compact looper and multi-effects pedal that's perfect for guitar, vocals, and countless other applications
  • 1/4" inputs for both guitars (instrument-level sources) and microphones provides a wide range of creative possibilities
  • Dual independent loopers provide you with separate controls for streamlined onstage operation
  • Quantization function lets you lock your loops to the beat
  • Up to 90 seconds of total recording time allows you to set up complex loops
  • Sound-on-sound recording lets you overdub as many times as you like - perfect for experimenting with song ideas and grooves
  • 12 x simple yet powerful onboard effects let you enhance your guitar, vocals, or other sound source
  • Compact, pedalboard-friendly layout makes this an excellent addition to any guitar rig
Have fun writing songs, practicing, and performing with your Vox Lil' Looper multi-effects and looper pedal!

Tech Specs:
  • Pedal Type: Looping/Multi-effects
  • Total Looping: Time 3 minutes
  • Maximum Loops: 2
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (Instrument), 1 x 1/4" (Mic)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
  • Batteries: 6 x AA (Included)
  • Height: 2.44"
  • Depth: 5.67"
  • Width: 6.49"
  • Weight: 1.59 lbs.
  • Power Supply Included: No
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VLL1



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